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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Real time ray tracing in modern 3d video games

Author(s): K Rishie Kumaaran

Abstract: Ray Tracing is a technology which simulates lighting that closely matches that of the real world. It makes frames more natural and adds an effect of realism. Most of the 3D Video games of the past decade used digital techniques to provide shadows, reflections, and depth perception, however even though they might do sufficiently good enough it is still not going to be perfect. Unlike pasteurization which primarily relies on pixel processing and interaction of distinct colors of the various polygons, Ray Tracing tracks the beam of light rays from the origin to where it bounces off another surface and that ray is bounced off of another surface thus the number of rays in the frame increases. This makes Ray Tracing extremely intensive and performance demanding as many numbers of highly intensive frames have to be rendered in a truly short span of time. Since it tracks the beam of light, it provides the perfect simulation for the future of the 3D video gaming industry. Now that there are finally sufficient hardware resources that can run this technology without any bottlenecks, many upcoming game titles are adding ray tracing support to their titles and even the modern game engines like UE 5, Unity are adding compatibility for this technology. This goes to say that Ray Tracing is definitely here to say.

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International Journal of Electronics and Microcircuits
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