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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Role of internet of things and robots in retail sector: A useful overview and analysis

Author(s): Deepjyoti Koley

Abstract: Recently robots have become good research areas in the Internet of Things (IoT) and retail. The retail sector is lagging behind as technology is strongly developed in every sector as more technology is not used in retail stores. Retail robots promise to free workers from routine tasks, perhaps giving humans more time for customer interaction. But that is just the beginning of what robots do. The real advantage of retail robots is the ability to get more nuclear data about the products on the shelves and about customer purchase models, which increases efficiency and accuracy in inventory management. In Internet-of-Things (IoT) it is important to use retail robots as data-collectors, which collect vast amounts of analyzed data in the cloud or on the edge as a complex network of connected devices, objects and sensors. Considered the best. Combined with the advanced capabilities of computing AI and machine learning, IoT guarantees to change the way we live, work, trade and buy the goods and services we want and need. The key to all of this is that the robot moves freely, bringing data from user touch points in the store corridors to the data management system in the cloud. This paper discusses the connectivity issue of all physical devices such as sensors and efficiently binds the robot, providing a fast and hassle-free shopping experience for the customer. The Internet of Things has a good context for improving communication between customer and brand. IoT sensors can track customer habits and share insights with the marketing team.The content team can create segment-specific personalized content that helps the buyer find the product he is looking for, get tips and advice, or provide it to a friend in the store. This greatly increases the reach of stores and makes them unique than other stores.

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International Journal of Electronics and Microcircuits
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Deepjyoti Koley. Role of internet of things and robots in retail sector: A useful overview and analysis. Int J Electron Microcircuits 2022;2(1):57-61.
International Journal of Electronics and Microcircuits
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